The Introduction

the Agricultural Businessman today
While studying under the Agricultural field one is not totally conversant with the business side of it, as the academics move mainly on specifics. But, the situation in Nigeria have shown us how important Enterprenuership is to every farmer. Thank You!

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Farm Entrepreneurship for Schools

the young Pupil and the secondary should have a basic knowledge about farming in the real world. this in turn boosts their morale into considering farming as an enterprise. young farm entrepreneurs should be developed in Nigerian primary and secondary schools.



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the MIR

..the Market Intelligence Report, an initiative from my Research and Development on Farmers Income and Farm Markets.

..the MIR is a project with the aim of providing high-quality farms product database and agribusiness models for the relevant stakeholder in the Agriculture sub-sector.

..using the farm market, farms output is measured in relation to their incomes. Farm Researchers and Developers like REP Department of the NDE, Histar Global would use this Information to innovate new models and technologies that would make the farmer more productive his farm business more sustainable and the economy very stable.

Faruq F. (B.Eng Agric Bio Engineering)

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Histar Global – The Resource Managers

The Resources Control Strategy

The concept of developing a strategy/concept to reduce the wastage of resources in the environment is a needed part of development. In every Economy or Community which has a poor management of resources would not be able to achieve any developmental project. Even in our homes, offices or communities if leaders have poor resource management habits, the family, organization or community would always suffer and hence under-develop.

Histar Global in her vision to be amongst the most developed “entrepreneurial company of the future”  developed mechanisms, concepts and systems to ensure proper utilization of resources in the Organizational, Community and Family Levels.




faruq f. (B.Eng)


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Small Farm Biznez Techniques

As a Farm Entrepreneur in the Global World, you will require the following skills:

1. Book-keeping and Accounts

2. Advertising and Marketing Techniques

3. Business Communications and Etiquettes

4. Business Modelling

5. Farm Planning and Business Strategy

6. Farm Technology

7. Finance and Tax Management


Faruq F. (B.Eng)


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Development in Histars Concepts

The Entrepreneurial Concepts borne Company, Histar Global, has developed over eight (8) developmental projects in the areas of Youth, Women and Farm Entrepreneurial development with almost all projects have been contracted to Government, Individual and Cooperate.
Kudos! to the Histar Board Mr. Mohammed D. Ibrahim, Farouk F. and the Company CEO/Chairperson BOD, Hajiya Fareeda Captain A.

Faruq F. (B.Eng)

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The importance of having specialists working in the Agriculture cannot be over-emphasized as it very useful to send a specialist farmer or what is most referred to as an extension farmer to teach, change the mindset and develop the rural and urban farmer. In reality, even those who advocate for “change” themselves lack the skills, tools and knowledge to bring positive change in the farming sector. Entrepreneurship and Agriculture are tools, only trained specialist farmers can move the wheel of positive change towards the development of the sector.

Faruq F. (B.Eng)

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The Plan

Every second which passes require the best utilization. The only way to make best use of “mans most valuable currency”, time, is to focus on acquiring abilities i.e. skills to manage properly resources, no matter how small. This all demand a high level of discipline and principles. A man must be valuable, virtues and principled. The plan is to make possible projects for development. Development in a challenging environment with very little available resources.

Agricultural Business

Agricultural Market Tools

Agricultural Research and Development

Farm Management and Techniques

Farm Products Value Addition and Export

The year 2015 would be planned based on this major sectors, considering a survey that was taken by Farouk F., it showed that the problem still resides on “knowing”! knowing what exactly you are selling and where you are selling it, and how to sell it, how to make profit from it, manage profit and use as a tool for survival.

This blog would be dedicating its selfless service to humanity by sharing all reports, research and information free of charge.

May Allah increase us all in Health, Wealth and Knowledge!!! Amin!!!!

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