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The decision to pay Kuta a visit was prompted when my Department (REP) was tasked with demonstrating any farm enterprise in a move to developing and evaluating local content of individual programme departments in the National Directorate of Employment.
On the way up to Kuta one would come across many small towns but big farms especially Crops like Maize and Yams spread beautifully along the landscape. One of the most amazing views was the Gwada railway station. It was as if the leaders who put this structures designed the Local Government for the main purpose of Crop Production.
Meeting the 50 participants at the ASTC farm institute Kuta, gave me so much to think about. Kuta has youths and whats most shocking was the determination of youths (between 16-29yrs of age) i came across, they all wanted to be good farmers. i thought them that its important to commercialize every aspect of our Agric now, as the Country needs ourFaruq (B.Eng) help in the face of the recent Global Economic Downturn. i enjoyed my visit my report on the first stages of the Departments Cowpea Enterprise is being prepared and would be available in due time, after authorization of course.


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