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The Cowpea Farm Enterprise

Cowpea also known as beans is a food and animal feed crop grown in the semi-arid tropics like Africa, Asia, Europe, United States and Central and South America. it is grown mostly in Nigeria. The cereal contain about 25% protein, and several percentages of vitamins and minerals. The plant tolerates drought, performs well in a wide variety of soils, and being a legume replenishes low fertility soils when the roots are left to decay. It is grown mainly by small-scale farmers in developing Countries like Nigeria, Ghana e.t.c. it can be mixed farmed with other crops which have broad leaves, because it tolerates shades. It also grows and covers the ground very quickly.

The Rural Employment Dept of NDE Minna embarked on this farm enterprise because of this advantages, also it located this Enterprise at ASTC Kuta, this is to introduce a new modern and commercial farm concept to the rural environment which have a favourable climate, but cereals such as Maize and Rice are dominantly grown.

Farouk Farouk (B.Eng) was given this assignment of creating a Cowpea Production Enterprise in Kuta L.G.A. and introducing the Rural farmer to Commercial Agriculture and Trade Concepts. The Project has since begun (21st July, 2013) and is still on-going as an improved seed is used, mechanized farming and modern farming techniques have been introduced to achieve timeliness of the project and reduction in human drudgery.


Kuta Youths watching the farm

Pesticide Spraying Operation

Cowpea at 11 days after germination 

Trainees and their Trainer


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The Introduction

the Agricultural Businessman today
While studying under the Agricultural field one is not totally conversant with the business side of it, as the academics move mainly on specifics. But, the situation in Nigeria have shown us how important Enterprenuership is to every farmer. Thank You!

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