The Plan

Every second which passes require the best utilization. The only way to make best use of “mans most valuable currency”, time, is to focus on acquiring abilities i.e. skills to manage properly resources, no matter how small. This all demand a high level of discipline and principles. A man must be valuable, virtues and principled. The plan is to make possible projects for development. Development in a challenging environment with very little available resources.

Agricultural Business

Agricultural Market Tools

Agricultural Research and Development

Farm Management and Techniques

Farm Products Value Addition and Export

The year 2015 would be planned based on this major sectors, considering a survey that was taken by Farouk F., it showed that the problem still resides on “knowing”! knowing what exactly you are selling and where you are selling it, and how to sell it, how to make profit from it, manage profit and use as a tool for survival.

This blog would be dedicating its selfless service to humanity by sharing all reports, research and information free of charge.

May Allah increase us all in Health, Wealth and Knowledge!!! Amin!!!!

IMG_20140822_133145 IMG_20141223_181735 IMG_20140827_145935


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