The Impact of Information

Information is the key to security. For any people to be adequately secure her society must adapt various forms of information technology, this concept brings that society to civilization. Civilization is responsible for growth and peaceful co existence between members of the society. This concept is capable of uniting the minds of youths towards one major goal, “Survival”!!! The Business Development Committee of AYEAID Niger State, has developed three (3) Concepts and Projects to achieve civilization amongst the youths of this great country to put them in line with the developed world, this concepts include; “the bridge”, “the market focus”, and “the farmers book”!!! The year 2014 In Sha Allah belongs to us, the BDC, AYEAID, Niger State, as the Chairman of this Committee Mr Farouk F. is posed to fulfilling his promise to the Chairman BOT, AYEAID to deliver progress and success to the fold! God Bless the BDC, God Bless AYEAID Niger, God Bless Nigeria! Thank you and compliments of the Season!!

Farouk A. Farouk

Chairman, BDC

AYEAID, Niger State.


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